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Welcome to the Ottawa School of Thai Massage

Founded in 2006 by Devin Johnstone, RMT, our School runs courses and workshops in the ancient tradition of Thai Massage, with methods that are safe, effective and easy to learn. Over 500 students have completes our courses, many of whom have gone on to become accomplished practitioners of their own.

Whether you are considering professional practice or looking for some of the benefits of giving and receiving Thai massage in you life, you will find a program to meet your needs.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions and we look forward to seeing you on the mat!

Thai Massage has a history spanning more than 2500 years, incorporating Yoga, Ayurveda and healing traditions of east Asia. Today it is practiced by thousands worldwide.

It is said that the original form of Thai Massage was first practiced by jivaka komarabhacca, the physician of the original Buddha Gautama Siddhartha and this is why Thai Massage has been carried like a seed within the tradition of Buddhism.


Thai Massage Intensive Certification

This is a small-group intensive course (3 weekends) for a uniquely in-depth professional

Advanced Thai Massage Intensive

Continuing from the framework of the Thai Massage Intensive, this course moves into some of the

Table Thai Massage for Therapists

Prerequisite is a clinical manual therapy practice (massage therapy, physiotherapy, osteopathy,

Prenatal Thai Massage

It is amazing to share Thai Massage with a mother-to-be. Not only do the mobilizing techniques

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A full range of programs from professional certification to special interest programs. Find one that works for you.
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