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We have both professional certification courses and general interest workshops. Find a program that suits your needs and register online.

Thai Massage Certification

Our two Foundations courses: "prone and supine" and "side-lying and seated" can be taken separately or you can complete both to apply for Thai Massage Practitioner Certification.

Partner Thai Massage Workshop

A short workshop for learning a simple massage sequence in a few hours.

Other Courses

We have a number of special programs such as Prenatal Thai Massage, Table Thai Massage, Standing Thai Massage and others.

I am so pleased to have taken the Thai massage workshop. I believe it has informed my massage style markedly and it has made me more comfortable with rhythmic mobilizations and stretching my clients. I would recommend this workshop to anyone with an interest in massage, especially if they are eager to push and challenge themselves as massage therapists.

Drew Reynolds, RMT