About the School

Founded in 2006, the Ottawa School of Thai Massage runs educational programs throughout the year from special interest courses for the general public to professional level training for amateurs, therapists and health care providers.

The philosophy of the school is one of community, making the simple skills of Thai massage available to any that are willing to learn by keeping the curriculum accessible and easy to follow. We avoid elaborate techniques whose practical application is less evident, and focus on a practice that is applicable and effective for both giver and receiver. We also try to have fun, keep classes lighthearted and true to the Buddhist principles of minfulness and compassion.

While the school is based in Ottawa, Canada, programs are sometimes run in other areas and even internationally.  Courses have been and will continue to be hosted in a number of venues including yoga studios, clinics and even once in a Chinese Restaurant.

Devin Johnstone, the school’s founder is an avid practitioner of Thai massage and keeps an active practice, his own methods growing and evolving with each moment.